LHR 16 Classes

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1. Presentation Title: ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Code for Lighting and Lighting Control

Speaker: Anthony Byrd

AIA Course Number: AB305


Presentation Description: Code Update for ASHRAE-90.1-2013.  At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to … Know what 90.1 is, Understand its structure, See what the lighting related provisions are, and Know where to access additional info as needed.



2. Presentation Title: Designing from the Application Up

Speaker: Debbie Bell

Course Number: DesignApp01 Delivery Name: Hubbell Lighting, Inc. Curriculum Group Name: AIA Providers Credit Designation: 1 AIA LU

Presentation Description: Attendees will:

- Learn evaluation techniques using the application geometry to optimize LED technology

- Identify differences in HID design and LED design parameters

- Validate the energy efficiency story of LED products vs. legacy technologies

- Discover how to VE and LED application to improve ROI and energy savings

- Develop strategies to design retrofit projects and new construction using LED products.



3. Presentation Title: Have it Your Way: Custom and Modified Architectural Lighting

Speaker: Damon Wood LC, IES; Regional Sales Manager

Course Number: Delivery Name: OCL Architectural Lighting Credit Designation: AIA is pending

Presentation Description:

Understand when a modified or custom luminaire would be the appropriate solution

List ways in which a custom manufacturer can assist the specifier and owner in custom lighting projects

Identify the manufacturing processes used in creating custom luminaires

Describe the choices in typical paint and metallic finishes, and their tradeoffs in cost and durability



4. Presentation Title: Smart Lighting Solutions that Enable the Internet of Things

Speaker: Anthony Byrd

Anthony Byrd is graduate of The University of Tennessee and is currently assigned as the Northeast Regional Specification Solutions Manager for Acuity Brands Lighting. Anthony has diverse background in the lighting industry and has held positions with electrical wholesale distribution and a lighting sales agency as well as boasting a total of fifteen years with Acuity Brands Lighting!  Before accepting his current assignment, Anthony spent over eleven years in Gotham Architectural Downlighting where he held various leadership rolls, including managing a service team and product customizations management.

AIA Course Number: AB524


Presentation Description:

This one-hour continuing education presentation will explore the rapidly changing technology in the lit environment. Participants will gain an understanding of how lighting is enabling the Internet of Things and changing the way we communicate, navigate and relate to people and surroundings through lighting controls, networks and cloud services with embedded sensory interface devices. Understand how technology changes can be married with lighting and controls to enhance communication protocols.



5. Presentation Title: Lighting’s Influence on Human Behavior in the Outdoor Environment

Speaker: Randy Burkett, FIALD, LC

President and Design Principal, Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc.

AIA Course Number: not AIA

CEU: 1 Hour LEU, pending application in progress

Presentation Description:

This session will examine how lighting design can actively shape human behavior in the nighttime outdoor environment. Case studies and design documentation on specific design techniques employed in lighting design and illuminating engineering practice will be explored. The goal will be to provide the designer's perspective on why these frequently applied methods consistently work. Behavioral issues of safety and security, way-finding, orientation and preference will be addressed.  A review of the role that various segments of the industry – design, engineering, manufacturing, etc. – can play in raising this awareness of lighting’s importance to the other design professionals and the public, will be discussed.



6. Presentation Title: Connecting the Dots: The Application of Lighting Test Standards

Speaker: Tanya Hernandez, PE, LC; Manager of Energy and Environmental Standards at Acuity Brands

AIA Course Number: not AIA

CEU: 1 Hour LEU, pending application in progress

Presentation Description:

In recent years, the design community has incorporated solid state lighting performance metrics such as LM-79 test data, TM-21 projections, spectral power distribution plots, and spatial non-uniformity measurements into specification documents. Standards development organizations like the IES, NEMA and ANSI continue to churn out documents that impact the lighting industry. The recent publication of TM-30-15, Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition has already caused quite a stir in its first three months. Get ready for some real talk in this interactive presentation on the applicability of lighting standards. You will hear about the latest developments in lighting test standards, gain insights in the motivation behind the standards, and leave confident in applying of the standards to your everyday work.



7. Presentation Title: Occupancy Sensor Design and Application

Speaker: Mark Talley, South Atlantic District Sales Manager at Wattstopper

AIA Course Number: AIA/CES (1.0 HSW), NCQLP (1.0 LEU), or GBCI (1.0 CE Hour)

CEU: 1 Hour LEU, pending application in progress

Presentation Description:

This course will cover a more in-depth examination of occupancy sensor design and application. The program includes a short review of code requirements for occupancy sensors, a discussion on occupancy sensor technologies, evaluating technology for applications, and a discussion on proper design of lighting controls for typical applications.



8. Presentation Title: LED Lamps and Fixtures

Speaker: Bill O'Connell, Mid-Atlantic Specification Engineer at Osram Sylvania

AIA Course Number: not AIA

CEU: 1 Hour LEU, pending application in progress

Presentation Description:

LED retrofit lamps – Where they have been, Where they Are, and Where They are Going.  This presentation will explore with samples and data the changes we have seen since the introduction of the LED retrofit lamp and talk about some of the emerging technologies, such as retrofit line-voltage dimming, now showing up in these product lines.  Additionally, we will explore the "ins and outs" of selecting an LED luminaire for your design needs.

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